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a close up of a bottle with Jack Daniel's in the background

Bourbon Barrel Aged
12 Layer Cake Imperial Stout

FLAVOR: Bourbon Soaked German Chocolate Cake

AROMATICS: Toasted Coconut; Chocolate Cake

BODY: Full

COLOR: Black

ABV: 13.9%

The inspiration behind this beer rests in the kitchen of our Tasting Room. We proudly serve a 12 Layer German Chocolate Cake and so desired to build a similar flavor and aromatic profile within this barrel aged beer. This 13.9% Imperial Stout, aged for 12 months in Angel’s Envy bourbon barrels, showcases that reminiscent of rich chocolate cake, toasted coconut, caramel and a graham cracker crust. The best part of this beer — just like our cake — is that while big on flavors and aromatics, the beer is lighter in body than one might expect. We welcome you to experience Moody Tongue’s favorite pairing cake in the form of a beer — and then let your tongue decide.