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a close up of a bottle with Jack Daniel's in the background

Bourbon Barrel Aged
Gingerbread Imperial Stout

FLAVOR: Bourbon-Soaked Gingerbread Cookie

AROMATICS: Vanilla; Cinnamon; Bourbon

BODY: Full

COLOR: Black

ABV: 13.9%

This bourbon barrel aged beer elicits nostalgia for the moment you walk into your grandmother’s kitchen during the holidays and smell fresh gingerbread cookies baking in the oven. This 15.0% Imperial Stout, aged for 12 months in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels, showcases the flavor of a bourbon-soaked gingerbread cookie alongside the aromatics of vanilla and cinnamon. While we are big on holiday flavors and aromatics, we also intentionally create this delight with a lighter body than one might expect. After all, the holidays are about indulgence, and we don’t want to be full after just one beer.