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a bottle of wine and a glass of beer

Orange Blossom Belgian Blonde

FLAVOR: Orange Rock Candy; Apricot

AROMATICS: Honeysuckle

BODY: Light-to-Medium

COLOR: Honey

ABV: 5.4%

We always search for exceptional pairings with each of our beers. The Orange Blossom Belgian Blonde is a light-to-medium bodied Belgian-Style Blonde Ale which showcases notes of apricot, orange rock candy and honeysuckle. We love seafood, and our team has found that this beer pairs perfectly with a number of preparations of fish dishes. You'll find this Blonde Ale paired in The Dining Room with our seared black cod, in The Bar with our fried whole black bass, and at Moody Tongue Sushi with our madai nigiri with orange zest and sea salt.