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Toasted Rice Lager

FLAVOR: Baked Lychee; Baked Pineapple

AROMATICS: Lightly Toasted Jasmine Rice

BODY: Light

COLOR: Vintage Champagne

ABV: 5.5%

As Moody Tongue has continued to search for thoughtful ways to extend the bounds of its culinary brewing philosophy, the brewery recently sought to construct a beer with respect for the culinary traditions, cooking techniques and ingredients across one of its most exciting markets — China. The combination of the Toasted Rice Lager’s sweetness with flavors of baked fruits such as lychee and pineapple cools guests’ palates between bites of spicy dishes showcasing ingredients like chili and fresh sichuan peppercorns. This beer’s light body also complements many dishes with delicate flavors such as steamed fish and the Shanghai specialty hairy crab. Reminiscent of a vintage champagne, we suggest enjoying this beer to cool and refresh your palate between bites of flavorful dishes while exploring China’s regional cuisines.